Currently the proper maintenance and preservation of the companies’ assets is the core piece between having to spend large amounts of budget to the replacement of such assets or to use them for longer and get the benefit of their service efficiently.

The excellent line of chemical specialties MAQUISA, to cover the needs of cleaning, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and heavy equipment has the following products:


  • BIODETT  350 biodegradable water based degreaser formulated for cleaning floors, engines , equipment , tools and machinery .
  • BIODETT  450 biodegradable water-based detergent , effective to clean floors, engines and mechanical equipment for maintenance shops of locomotives and vehicles.
  • CITRO 2000 heavy duty biodegradable degreaser widely recommended for deep cleaning of engines, floors and implements.
  • DIELECTROL ECO degreasing solvent for the cleaning of mechanical parts during maintenance of electrical systems, and equipment out of operation.
  • ED 1500 heavy duty degreaser emulsifier, ideal for cleaning floors, engines and mechanical equipment of maintenance shops of trucks , locomotives and all types of vehicles.
  • ED 2000 degreaser emulsifier, ideal for cleaning concrete floors, combustion engines and mechanical equipment of maintenance shops.
  • HD 200 water based degreaser for cleaning floors, machinery and mechanical equipment, in both phases of corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • HD 500 water based degreaser, ideal product in floor maintenance, machinery and mechanical equipment maintenance shops.
  • HG 250 water based degreaser, excellent for removing battered or aged waxes in floors, maintenance shops and dealerships.
  • HG 350 water based degreaser ideal for degreasing industrial and institutional floors, both for daily maintenance and for deep cleaning.
  • MOTORQUISA 1 solvent based degreaser for heavy use, effective in cleaning motors in washing stations for motor vehicles.
  • PETROCIDA solvent based degreaser for extra heavy duty, product formulated for energetic cleaning of concrete floors, rail yards, maintenance shops, bus stations, etc.
  • SOLVEX ECO Solvent based degreaser for cleaning mechanical parts, ideal for cleaning all types of metal surfaces, equipment out of operation and general mechanical equipment such as vehicle engines.
  • UNISOL T spray Solvent degreaser for mechanical parts, ideal for deep cleaning of tools and precision mechanical parts that present greasy dirt, dust or buildup of oils and waxes.


  • BRILLACAR biodegradable shampoo body wash, excellent product for washing automotive vehicle bodies.
  • BRILLACAR SP biodegradable shampoo that is ideal for washing cars, trucks, buses, trailers, aluminum boxes, etc.
  • BRILLACAR PLUS biodegradable shampoo body wash with wax, a product developed to clean and enhance the gloss of the paint of cars, trucks, buses, etc. 
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: ANTI-FOG: anti-fog for glasses and crystals, perfect in all those areas where, due to high humidity in the environment, visibility is reduced due to fogging of glasses and mirrors.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE:  FINE, MEDIUM AND COARSE GRAIN POLISH: grain pasta polishes in fine, medium and coarse sizes for all kinds of detailed automotive paints.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: WAX PASTE: wax paste with carnauba that provides excellent protection and polishing of all types of automotive paints.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: LIQUID WAX: liquid Wax with carnauba that provides excellent protection and polishing of all types of automotive paints.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: WHEEL CLEANER: effective product for cleaning and polishing wheels of cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, etc.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: SILICONE CREAM: cream for polishing wheels and plastic surfaces, ideal for polishing tires and plastic surfaces of vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, etc.
  • MAQUISA AUTOMOTIVE: RIM POLISHER: polish without silicone fluid, it’s the ideal product for polishing wheels, plastic holsters, etc.
  • SUPERTERSA cleaner and brightener with spray silicones, excellent product for cleaning and polishing of glass and mirrors, dressers, shelves and chrome fittings, aluminum frames, door knobs, etc.
  • TRATASILIC G silicone based polish and Protector, recommended for polishing plastic upholstery, desks, chairs and all kinds of plastic and vinyl surfaces.
  • TRATASILIC spray polish and silicone lubricant.
  • CRILUX 1 Glass cleaner, a product developed to clean and polish vehicle windows, window frames, mirrors, dressers, etc.
  • CHAMPUQUISA carpet and upholstery biodegradable shampoo, suitable for car wash and auto detail, also for cleaning carpets and tapestries motor vehicles.
  • FINN TX Dry stain remover for carpets and upholstery, its practical spray presentation effectively removes stains on carpets and upholstery in motor vehicles.


  • DERMOGEL JABÓN DESENGRASANTE heavy duty , excellent soap for cleaning dirty hands with heavy grease, ink, charcoal and dirt of all kinds either by dry cleaning or by rinsing with water.
  • DERMOGEL ECO Soap for deep cleaning of hands and skin, perfect for cleaning dirty hands and can also be used for the body wash at the end of the working day.
  • FORZE dry cleaning cream degreaser, excellent product formulated for cleaning hands during workday exposed to dirty grease, inks, paints, pigments, etc.
  • LIMPIAQUISA shampoo degreaser for cleaning the hands.


  • IMPERMAK 1 acrylic seal for concrete floors, recommended product for sealing concrete floors exposed to deterioration by light traffic or accidental chemical spills.
  • IMPERMAK 2 polyurethane seal for concrete floors, which is recommended for sealing concrete floors exposed to heavy traffic deterioration or accidental chemical spills.
  • PIGMENTOS PARA IMPERMAK 2 Special pigments, family of fine solvent based pigments with different colors. They are useful to impart color to IMPERMAK 2 without detriment to its properties.
  • ADELGAK Thinner for polyurethane finishes ideal for reducing the viscosity of IMPERMAK 2 when the floor seal is new or has very closed pores. 


Wide variety of biodegradable fragrances with pleasant aromas to fruit and flowers that help positively transform the mood of customers and employees of any establishment.

  • DEOTEX deodorizer, effective for deodorization of carpets, rugs and upholstery in motor vehicles, etc.


  • ALUTRAK 1 aluminum cleaner and polish specially formulated for cleaning aluminum boxes, which, by the conditions for road and weather have natural shine loss.
  • ALUTRAK 2 aluminum polish and degreaser, ideal for periodic cleaning of aluminum boxes in trailers, particularly after long voyages.
  • AT 50 paint remover, effective product for removing old paint on agricultural and industrial machinery, to refinish all types of automotive paints.
  • LIBER OX loosens everything, in liquid and aerosol, ideal product for easy disassembly of parts in automotive maintenance shops, etc.
  • RPM PLUS antiskid bands aerosol, ideal product to prevent dryness and cracking in the bands of motor vehicles.
  • AEROGERM aerosol room sanitizer, excellent for sanitizing the environment leaving a pleasant scent, formulated with broad-spectrum germicide, bactericide and virucide.
  • GERMILUX aerosol surface sanitizer, excellent for sanitizing surfaces, with a pleasant aroma that eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses. Safe on all types of surfaces. Disinfect doorknobs, handrails, desks, telephones, car doors, etc.