The hotel industry contributes to the development of the country, every day the number of rooms available in major cities and tourist destinations increases, this employment offer guarantees the realization of leisure and study trips, and to bring about major businesses.

MAQUISA contributes to the growth of the hotel industry by providing these establishments with our very comprehensive product line, always looking for the best balance between cost and benefit, taking special care to maintain the balance between our products and the environment, among which we mention the following:



  •  BLANCOL 2 en 1 Herbal scented concentrated cleaner for deep cleaning of all types of washable surfaces such as furniture, garments of plastic or vinyl, glazed surfaces, floors, etc.
  • BLANCOL 2 en 1 Lima Limòn Excellent concentrated cleaner, lemon lime scented , ideal for cleaning all types of floors, washable surfaces, bathrooms, all kinds of hotel rooms etc.
  • BLANCOL 22 universal biodegradable concentrated cleaner unscented ideal product for cleaning all floor types: hard and soft, waxed and not waxed as it cleans and preserves their natural appearance.
  • BLANCOL 2000 universal biodegradable cleanser with light lavender scent, designed for daily cleaning of institutional floors and generally for all washable surfaces.
  • MULTI USOS LAVANDA biodegradable detergent concentrate with lavender scent, useful in cleaning all washable surfaces such as walls, tiles and bathroom furniture.
  • PINO PLUS cleaner and degreaser with high concentration of pine oil, is an ideal product for cleaning floors, walls and bathrooms.
  • GERMILIMP detergent and sanitizer with slight aroma of violets, used for cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, applying it in tubs, urinals, sinks, chrome fixtures, towel racks, shelves, mirrors, doors, floors, walls, etc.



  • BIODETT 450 biodegradable water-based detergent, effective for cleaning institutional floors and in general for all washable surfaces.
  • BIODETT N100 concentrated neutral liquid detergent for manual washing, biodegradable, widely recommended for washing dishes, plates, pots and utensils in general and fine glassware. 
  • PASTA PLUS great creamy detergent, effective in manual washing and all kitchen utensils. 
  • PASTA PLUS ECO creamy detergent, efficient in washing dishes manually and all kitchen utensils.



  • BIODETT 350 biodegradable water based degreaser formulated to clean floors with engine grease from parking lots, maintenance, etc
  • HD 200 water based degreaser for cleaning floors in areas with vehicular traffic, such as parking lots, busing receptions, etc.
  • HD 500 water based degreaser, ideal product in floor maintenance, machinery and mechanical equipment maintenance shops.
  • HG 250 water based degreaser, excellent remover of battered or aged wax on floors in schools.
  • HG 350 water based degreaser ideal for degreasing industrial and institutional floors, both for daily maintenance and for deep cleaning.



  • INSECTROL residual insecticide, excellent product for pest control, both crawling and flying insects in parking lots, public areas, locker rooms, dumpster areas, maintenance shops, etc.
  • PIRETROL Safe non residual insecticide ideal for pest control in food preparation areas cafeterias, hotel rooms, auditoriums, offices, file areas, etc.
  • PIRETROL AQUA safe non-residual water based insecticide, ideal for pest control mainly in garden areas, food preparation areas, hotel rooms, cafeterias, offices, file area, etc. 
  • PIRETROL BON low toxicity, low odor, non-residual insecticide, excellent insecticide of medium evaporation and high misting capacity. 
  • PIRETROL N non-residual insecticide with high fogging capacity, ideal for pest control in food preparation areas, cafeterias, hotel rooms, offices, libraries, file area, etc.



Wide variety of biodegradable fragrances with pleasant aromas to fruit and flowers that help positively transform the mood of customers and employees of any establishment.

  • DEOTEX deodorizer, effective for deodorization of carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery, etc.



  • DERMOGEL ALCOHÒLICO immediate action antiseptic, is a supplement to the personal hygiene practices of washing and hand disinfection, reducing the risk of contamination from handling.
  • DERMOGEL ALCOHÒLICO CÌTRICO Instant Antiseptic, citrus scented ideal for disinfecting hands, leaving a pleasant aroma and a feeling of freshness and softness of the skin.
  • DERMOGEL ALCOHÒLICO MANDARINA Instant Antiseptic, tangerine scented, leaving a pleasant aroma and a feeling of freshness and softness of the skin.
  • DERMOGEL ALCOHÒLICO FOM Antiseptic with foaming Alcohol, excellent disinfectant that kills in one application most pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease.
  • DERMOGEL ALCOHÒLICO LQ alcohol-based liquid antiseptic, excellent disinfectant that kills in one application pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease.
  • DERMOQUAT FOM Instant foaming Antiseptic formulated with quaternary ammonium biocide for its broad spectrum eliminates pathogenic microorganisms.
  • DERMOGEL ANTISÈPTICO pcmx based Antiseptic, formulated with mild cleansing agents and emollients which along with its active germicidal provide a deep cleansing action of hands and skin.
  • DERMOGEL CX Chlorhexidine -based antiseptic, use for washing hands to all those places where the staff working in the care of persons is required to comply with a high standard of sanitation in the hands and skin, such as food preparation areas.
  • DERMOGEL FOM CX foaming Antiseptic with Chlorhexidine, excellent hand cleaner which in one application eliminates pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease.
  • DERMOGEL TCL Triclosan based antiseptic, excellent hand cleaner that removes in one application pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease. 
  • DERMOGEL FOM foaming hand soap recommended for daily cleaning in the different areas of hospitality centers.
  • DERMOGEL LOCIÒN MANZANAS Fine, apple scented Soap for hand washing, recommended for the routine cleaning of hands in all kinds of hotels.
  • DERMOGEL LOCIÒN ROSA fine soap for hand washing with floral scent, recommended for daily cleaning of hands in all kinds of hotels.



  • DESINCRUSTOL 2 antitartar and liquid germicidal, excellent product for removing tartar from sinks, urinals, tiles, restrooms, chrome fittings and accessories 
  • KERT antitartar and germicidal gel, recommended for the routine cleaning of sinks, urinals, tiles, restrooms, etc. at all kinds of hotels.



  • CRILUX 1 direct use Glass Cleaner, excellent product for cleaning and polishing glass in window frames, mirrors, dressers, etc.
  • CRILUX 2 high performance Glass Cleaner, excellent product for cleaning and polishing crystals on window frames, mirrors, dressers, etc.
  • CHAMPUQUISA biodegradable shampoo for carpets and upholstery ideal for cleaning carpets and rugs energetically.
  • FINN TEX  dry cleaning Stain Remover for carpets and upholstery, spray presentation, effectively removes stains on carpets and upholstery in all hotel areas.
  • ENZY MAX Biological complete treatment, recommended especially for maintenance of grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks and to control odors caused by organic waste.
  • PRE LUSTROL Base for wax and floor sealer, ideal product for sealing tile floors, terrazzo, granite, linoleum, vinyl.
  • LUSTROL self-polishing liquid wax, product used primarily to protect and polish tile floors, terrazzo, granite, vinyl and Congoleum.
  • PRECO toilet plunger, preventive and corrective use, use in toilets, urinals, drains, rain water gutters, sinks, etc.
  • RESTAURA  Protector and Wood Restorer, very useful in preventive maintenance of furniture and wood surfaces, as it prevents dryness and protects against moisture while polishes the surfaces.
  • SUPERTERSA cleaner and brightener with spray silicones, excellent product for cleaning and polishing of glass and mirrors, dressers, shelves and chrome fittings, aluminum frames, door knobs, etc.
  • TRATAMOP Oil for mops, due to its effective formula turns mops, rags and flannel into excellent pickers of dust and dirt. 
  • TRATAMOP ECO Oil for mops, due to its effective formula turns mops, rags and flannel into excellent pickers of dust and dirt. 
  • TRATASILIC G silicone based polish and Protector, recommended for polishing plastic upholstery, desks, chairs and all kinds of plastic and vinyl surfaces.
  • TRATASILIC silicone polish and lubricant spray.
  • AEROGERM aerosol room sanitizer, excellent sanitizing the environment leaving a pleasant scent, formulated with broad-spectrum germicidal, bactericidal and virucidal.
  • GERMILUX aerosol surface sanitizer, excellent surface sanitizer of pleasant aroma that eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses. Safe Product on all types of surfaces. Disinfects doorknobs, handrails, desks, chairs, switches, dressers, counters, telephones, TV remote controls, car doors, etc.
  • ANTIEMPAÑANTE antifogging for glasses and crystals, which is recommended in all those areas where due to high humidity in the environment visibility is reduced due to fog in the glass windows of hotels.