Companies which use cooling steam systems with heat transfer equipment such as boilers and cooling towers, daily face a number of problems related to equipment efficiency and its life span. 

The use of specialized products for preventive and corrective maintenance of boilers, chillers and cooling towers, prevents premature deterioration of the equipment and also contributes to the attainment of productivity standards that are needed at the lowest cost. The excellent performance of the products MAQUISA allow the water used in heat transfer equipment to be kept in balance in the most economical way possible.

Our excellent formulations allow our customers to be fully satisfied every time they have opportunity to verify the effectiveness of each solution we offer, such as: 

  • Descale processes.
  • Reducing the fouling or corrosive tendency of the water used.
  • Dispersion of lumps or waxes present in the fuel oil.
  • Decreasing the foam present in the equipment, etc.



  • DESINCRUSTOL 1 Excellent product for cleaning steam generation systems and cooling systems encrusted with calcium and magnesium salt.
  • DESINCRUSTOL 3 Descaler, ideal product to remove scale formed of calcium, magnesium and silica present in equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, cooling towers, etc.
  • DESOXITROL fine degreaser and descaler, for removing rust and degreasing tools, rusty parts and dry fat residue.
  • SINOX 1 Energetic deoxidizer, ideal for removing rust on ferrous metal parts that are rusted and are to be painted, glazed, galvanized, etc.
  • SINOX 2 deoxidant and degreaser, excellent product for cleaning and recovery of metal parts not in use, and for cleaning rusted parts during transport or storage.
  • SINOX HMF high security deoxidant, ideal product in the recovery of metal parts that have rust for being exposed to corrosive conditions during storage and transport.
  • RC 500 Oxide Polymeric Converter, product formulated with penetrating agents, polymeric resins and natural compounds that stop the oxidation reactions in all types of ferrous alloys.



  • ALGAQUISA algaecide for cooling systems, excellent product formulated with quaternary ammonium salts of broad biological spectrum to eliminate and control algae and odors in cooling towers.
  • ALGAQUISA PLUS Excellent algaecide formulated with a blend of broad spectrum biocides, penetrants and synergists that efficiently eliminate algae, fungi and bacteria in cooling towers.
  • BIOCLOR 65 Calcium Hypochlorite, 65%, excellent sanitizing agent for industrial uses, and drinking water chlorination.
  • MAQUIAGUA NT Specially developed for the treatment of closed cooling systems (chillers) maintaining in excellent condition the recirculating water, preventing the emergence of microbial growth problems and the formation of mineral scale.
  • MAQUIAGUA PLUS widely recommended product for the treatment of open cooling systems (cooling towers) to maintain in excellent condition the recirculating water, and is formulated with corrosion inhibitors and biocides that provide a complete and balanced action to take care of the cooling equipment.
  • PROCALDERA Excellent product recommended against corrosion and fouling of boilers, effective in preventive maintenance for equipment like steam generators or boilers of low and medium pressure.



  • AT 50 paint remover, effective product for removing old paint on industrial machinery in all types of automotive paint.
  • LIBER OX oil, liquid and aerosol, excellent product to facilitate disassembly of parts at automotive maintenance shops, mechanic shops, etc.
  • RPM PLUS antiskid bands aerosol, ideal product to prevent dryness and cracking in the bands of motor vehicles.
  • ADITROL 5000 fuel additive, which is recommended to improve the efficiency of fuel oils used in steam generating systems (boilers).
  • NEUTROX 500 metal Passivator against oxidation, excellent product that acts on the metal surface by neutralizing the corrosive action of the waste generated by acid chemical cleaning, while leaving the surface temporarily protected against oxidation.
  • PRECO neutralizing descaler, ideal for pH control at the time of discharge to the internal or external system of the plant.
  • SI DEFOM  silicone-based antifoam of multiple use, highly recommended to inhibit foaming in the systems used to heat transfer through water recirculation, and removes foam generated during the descaling process.
  • UNISOL T spray solvent degreaser for mechanical parts, ideal for deep cleaning of tools and precision mechanical parts with greasy dirt, dust or buildup of oils and waxes.



  • DERMOGEL JABÒN DESENGRASANTE heavy duty hand soap, excellent soap for cleaning hands dirty with heavy grease, ink, charcoal and dirt of all kinds either by dry cleaning or by rinsing with water.
  • DERMOGEL ECO Soap for deep cleaning hands and skin, perfect for cleaning dirty hands and can also be used for the body wash at the end of the working day.
  • FORZE degreaser cream for dry cleaning, excellent product formulated for cleaning hands during workday exposure to dirt grease, inks, paints, pigments, etc.
  • LIMPIAQUISA degreaser shampoo for cleaning hands, formulated with degreasing agents, moisturizers and lanolin for dry cleaning hands dirtied with greasy due to heavy manual work during the workday.