The equipment used to manufacture and transport precast concrete, allows construction companies to reduce time needed to complete the different construction stages, remodeling or maintenance. However, the very nature of cement and lime lead to rapid fouling and deterioration of the equipment.

MAQUISA contributes in the cement industry so it can count on at all times with truly clean units and facilities with our very complete line of products that include:



  • BIODETT  350 biodegradable water based degreaser formulated for cleaning floors, engines , equipment , tools and machinery .
  • BIODETT  450 biodegradable water-based detergent , effective to clean floors, engines and mechanical equipment for maintenance shops of locomotives and vehicles.
  • CITRO 2000 heavy duty biodegradable degreaser widely recommended for deep cleaning of engines, floors and implements.
  • ED 1500 heavy duty degreaser emulsifier, ideal for cleaning floors, engines and mechanical equipment of maintenance shops of trucks , locomotives and all types of vehicles.
  • ED 2000 degreaser emulsifier, ideal for cleaning concrete floors, combustion engines and mechanical equipment of maintenance shops.
  • HD 200 water based degreaser for cleaning floors, machinery and mechanical equipment, in both phases of corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • HD 500 water based degreaser, ideal product in floor maintenance, machinery and mechanical equipment maintenance shops.
  • HG 250 water based degreaser, excellent for removing battered or aged waxes in floors, maintenance shops and dealerships.
  • HG 350 water based degreaser ideal for degreasing industrial and institutional floors, both for daily maintenance and for deep cleaning.
  • MOTORQUISA 1 solvent based degreaser for heavy use, effective in cleaning motors in washing stations for motor vehicles.
  • PETROCIDA solvent based degreaser for extra heavy duty, product formulated for energetic cleaning of concrete floors, rail yards, maintenance shops, bus stations, etc.
  • UNISOL T spray Solvent degreaser for mechanical parts, ideal for deep cleaning of tools and precision mechanical parts that present greasy dirt, dust or buildup of oils and waxes.



  • DESINCRUSTOL 1 Excellent descaler for cleaning equipment used in the handling, transporting and driving of whitewash and cement mixtures.
  • DESINCRUSTOL 3 descaler, ideal product for cleaning equipment such as drums, mixers, containers etc.
  • DESOXITROL fine degreaser and descaler, for removing rust and degreasing tools, rusty parts and dry fat residue.
  • SINOX 1 Energetic deoxidant, ideal for removing rust on ferrous metal parts that are rusted and are to be painted, glazed, galvanized, etc.
  • SINOX 2 deoxidant and degreaser, excellent product for cleaning and recovery of metal parts not in use, and for cleaning rusted parts during transport or storage.
  • SINOX HMF high security deoxidant, ideal product in the recovery of metal parts that have rust for being exposed to corrosive conditions during storage and transport.
  • RC 500 Oxide Polymeric Converter, product formulated with penetrating agents, polymeric resins and natural compounds that stop the oxidation reactions in all types of ferrous alloys.



  • DERMOGEL JABÒN DESENGRASANTE heavy duty hand soap, excellent soap for cleaning hands dirty with heavy grease, ink, charcoal and dirt of all kinds either by dry cleaning or by rinsing with water.
  • FORZE degreaser cream for dry cleaning, excellent product formulated for cleaning hands during workday exposure to dirt grease, inks, paints, pigments, etc.
  • LIMPIAQUISA degreaser shampoo for cleaning hands and skin, ideal product for dry washing of hands in garages, cement industry, concrete industry, etc.



  • BIOLECTROL Ecological solvent 100 % natural and biodegradable, ideal for cleaning and degreasing of equipment and electric motors out of operation, contactors, control panels, transformers, electrical substations, power plants, etc.
  • CITROLECTRIC ecological and biodegradable solvent , ideal for cleaning and maintenance of equipment and electric motors out of operation, contactors, control panels, transformers, electrical substations, power plants, etc. in the cement industry.
  • DIELECTROL 25 Ecological Dielectric Solvent widely recommended to eliminate condensation on engines out of service before being put into operation.
  • DIELECTROL 35 fast evaporating solvent, of high evaporation rate, widely recommended when a faster drying is required.
  • DIELECTROL ECO ecological high flashpoint solvent, especially recommended for the maintenance of electrical equipment and systems out of service as it cleanses leaving the system in a position to resume operations immediately after cleaning.
  • DIELECTRONIC NF Solvent spray for electronics, is an excellent fast evaporating degreaser, ideal for quickly removing all kinds of dirt, dust and grease from electrical and electronic equipment.
  • DIELECTRONIC PF Solvent spray for electronic equipment, ideal for removing all kinds of dirt, dust and grease, minerals, oxides, fluxes and other materials in mechanical precision parts and delicate electrical and electronic components, without leaving any residue, penetrating and moving moisture.
  • SELLOLECTRIC moisture protector in electrical equipment and motors, ideal product to protect, non- drip proof, and exposed to water splashes, which are very common in the cement industry.
  • SOLVEX Dielectric solvent, high-capacity product degreaser for cleaning and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment out of service, such as control panels, motors, generators, starters, transformers, etc.
  • SOLVEX CITRO mechanical and dielectric solvent, citrus solvent formulated product, which gives a product of low toxicity, and high capacity degreaser for electrical equipment out of operation as motors, generators, transformers, starters, etc.
  • SOLVEX SC ecological solvent widely recommended for deep clean leaving systems able to resume operations immediately after cleaning.
  • SOLVEX ECO degreasing solvent for mechanical parts cleaning, ideal for cleaning all types of metal surfaces and equipment out of operation.



  • IMPERMAK 1 acrylic sealer for concrete floors, recommended product for sealing concrete floors exposed to deterioration by light traffic or accidental chemical spills.
  • IMPERMAK 2 polyurethane sealer for concrete floors, which is recommended for sealing concrete floors exposed to heavy traffic deterioration or accidental chemical spills.
  • PIGMENTOS PARA IMPERMAK 2 Special pigments, family of fine solvent based pigments with different colors. They are useful to impart color to IMPERMAK 2 without detriment to its properties.
  • ADELGAK Thinner for polyurethane finishes ideal for reducing the viscosity of IMPERMAK 2 when the floor to be sealed is new or has very closed pores.



  • ALUTRAK 1 aluminum cleaner and polish specially formulated for cleaning aluminum boxes, which, by the conditions inherent to road and weather conditions have natural shine loss.
  • ALUTRAK 2 aluminum polish and degreaser, ideal for periodic cleaning of aluminum boxes in trailers, particularly after long trips.
  • AT 50 paint remover, effective product for removing old paint on agricultural and industrial machinery, to refinish all types of automotive paints.
  • LIBER OX loosens everything, in liquid and aerosol, ideal product for easy disassembly of parts in automotive maintenance shops, etc.
  • RPM PLUS antiskid bands aerosol, ideal product to prevent dryness and cracking in the bands of motor vehicles.
  • SS PLUS stainless steel cleaner, a product highly recommended to remove tartar and the grease of surfaces and stainless steel appliances.
  • SS RÈFLEX energetic polish for stainless steel, ideal for cleaning and polishing stainless steel equipment, allowing to have equipment without dirt or oxide buildup that can damage the image of the equipment.
  • ADITROL 5000 fuel additive, which is recommended for cleaning tar or fuel storage tanks and the pipes used for transportation, frequently used in the construction industry.